At the beginning of the new year 2022, a new beginning, Apo organizes a photo contest “New Moment With Apo” to capture the beginning moments between Apo and players. This is also an activity to express gratitude to customers who have accompanied and trusted Apo in the past time. Join this special “New Moment With Apo” event Now:


1. How to join event “New Moment With Apo”?

Step 1: Players will take a photo with Apo

Step 2: Post it public on your Facebook with the hashtag #ApoMoment #ApoShare

Step 3: Encourage friends and Family to vote for you

2. How to win event “New Moment With Apo”?

Top 3 picture with the highest point follow below format will win reward:

+ React: 1 point

+ Comment: 2 points

+ Share: 3 points

Some pictures from the event:

Some photo of “New Moment With Apo” Event

3. What is the reward of event “New Moment With Apo”?

03 WINNER will up to 100M Freechip

+ Award for the most interactive photo: 40M chips

+ Prize for the picture with the most comments: 20M chips

+ Prize for the photo with the most shares: 20M chips

All participants get 10K chips

3 winners will become “Brand Ambassadors”, appearing publicly on Fanpage Apo Casino

So, do not hesitate any longer, join the event “New Moment With Apo” to record memorable moments with Apo NOW!

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